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Our Mission

At Eye on Education, our passion is to improve the student's life experience through optimized visual performance. Our goal is to diagnose and treat blurred vision, amblyopia(lazy eye), & ocular disease early, in order to enhance a child's academic performance and well being. Vision is the most important sense that we have for learning.    


Utilizing state-of-the-art examination equipment, stylish eyewear, and an expert eye care team, we aim to optimize your student’s visual and ocular health today and into the future.


  • 75 to 90 percent of all  learning is Visual.  Visual Skills are not only how well a child can see the eye chart, they include tracking, focusing, and good depth perception.

  • Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) is the most common cause of vision problems in children and young adults (almost 500,000 annually)

  • "73% of children with eye problems will pass a routine vision screening by a school nurse or pediatrician, but will fail an eye exam by an eye doctor     

  • Recent data shows that in the U.S. only 7% of children beginning first grade report having received an eye exam. 



  • Our Eye Evaluation is NOT a Screening.

  • ·No Cost Eye Exam & Eyeglasses

  • ·No Deductibles or Co-pays

  • ·Never Receive a Bill

  • ·Children without Insurance OK !

  • ·Referral for Specialized Care

  • School Educational Aides

  • ·Teachers Guide to Signs & Symptoms 

  • ·Blue Light Computer Prevention Kit.

  • ·Presentation Opportunities

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